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More than just learning by doing!

The Experiential Process involves four steps:

  • Action – being an active participant in the experience and involves engagement over observation
  • Reflection – recognizing the lessons learned from the experience (debriefing)
  • Integration – transferring the new learning from the experiential situation to daily life (change in feeling, thinking, behavior, and resistance)
  • Continuation – a set of learner defined strategies to maintain the changes in everyday life.

The programming developed for the College Lodge Workforce Experiential Training program is the purposeful and deliberate arrangement of one or more activities and events so as to create a series of potential learning opportunities that lead to changes in how a workforce feel, think, behave or resist.


Specific to your needs

The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of each client. These programs promote group development through focusing on effective communication, respect for diversity, problem solving, decision-making, trust, and cooperation.

The learning opportunities will be built around multiple activities (initiatives, challenge course, etc.) by adding the reflection, integration and continuation steps in order to create the desired change or result you want for your employees. Employees can enhance their joy (feeling), increase their knowledge (thinking), improve their communication (behaving), or decrease their denial (resisting).

Program Purpose

What you can expect to gain from experiential training

  • Building Teamwork Skills
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Working on Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills
  • Building a Sense of Trust
  • Developing Group Cohesion or Morale
  • Building Self Confidence and Testing Perceived Limits
  • Resolving Conflict Among Group Members
  • Increased self-fulfillment
  • Sense of accomplishment and enjoyment of life
  • Having FUN!


Experience, Leadership, and teamwork

The State University of New York at Fredonia College Lodge provides excellent leadership training, group development experiences, and teambuilding through an experiential education model provided by the Association of Experiential Education. We serve the surrounding business, industry and professional communities as well as SUNY Fredonia faculty, staff and students. We will maintain trust, honesty, and integrity that will build ongoing relationships with our customers. The staff of professionals at the College Lodge seeks to enhance the goals of incoming clients by providing safe and effective experiential programs and services.

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